Extension for Filing of onetime return in e form DPT 3

As per Rule 16A(3) of the Companies (Acceptance of deposit) Rules, 2014 every company other than Government company shall file a onetime return of outstanding receipt of money or loan by n company but not considered as deposits , in terms of clause (c) of subrule 1 of rule 2 from the 01st April , 2014 to the date of publication of the notification in the Official Gazette, as specified in Form DPT-3 within ninety days from the date of said publication of this notification along with the fees provided in the Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Rules, 2014″ . It may  also be noted  that data  on deposits should  be filed upto 31st March, 2019 (as opposed to 22nd January, 2019 which was originally indicated in the said Rule). Rule change is being issued separately.

Pending the deployment of DPT-3 Form on MCA 21 portal and in order to avoid inconvenience to stakeholders on account of various factors, it is stated that the additional fee, as provided under the Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Rules, 2014, shall be levied after 30 days from the date of deployment of the DPT- 3 form on MCA 21portal.

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  1. Is this talking about extension of due date to file DPT-3 Or….. It is talking about data to b filled should b as 31-03-2019.


    1. As per the previous notification, form was to be filed within ninety days from the date of publication of notification (i.e. 90 days from 22 January 2019). Accordingly, the due date was 22nd April 2019. Now, through this circular, they have clarified two things: 1. That data for filing should be as on 31-03-2019 and 2. That additional fees will be charged after 30 days from deployment of form. Which implies extension of due date also. Hope it clarifies.

      Link for previous post: https://taxinsight.in/2019/02/26/mca-update-filing-of-onetime-return-in-e-form-dpt-3/


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