MCA update – Filing of eform INC-22A – ACTIVE (Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification)

As part of updating its registry, the Ministry if Corporate Affairs has notified the provisions of Rule 25A of Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 on 21st February, 2019 with regard to filing of new eform INC-22A – ACTIVE (Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification).

Form Name Active Company Tagging Identities  & Verification (Active)
E-Form No. INC-22A
Purpose Every company incorporated on or before the 31st December, 2017 shall file the particulars of the company and its registered office, in e-Form ACTIVE
Due Date 25.04.2019
Late Fees Rs. 10,000 (on or after 26.04.2019)
Non-Filing consequesnces In case company does not intimate the said particulars,

1.       the company shall be marked as “ACTIVE-non-compliant” on or after 26.04.2019

2.       Registrar may cause a physical verification of the registered office as per the provisions of Section 12(9).

3.       Registrar may also initiate action for the removal of name of the company due to non-maintaining the registered office.

4.       The non- compliant company shall not be able to

·         Alter its Authorised Capital

·         Alter its Paid-up Capital

·         Alter its composition of directorship (Except cessation)

·         Alter its registered office

·         Amalgamation, de-merger etc.

Requirements for Form 1.       Photo of the registered office also showing therin atleast one Directors/KMP who has affixed his/her digital signatures

2.       Longitude and Latitude of registered office

3.       Email ID of the company (to be verified by OTP)

4.       Details of Directors

5.       Details of statutory auditors

6.       Details of cost auditors (if applicable)

7.       Details of Managing Director or CEO or Manager or Whole time director of the company

8.       Details of company secretary (if applicable)

9.       Details of CFO (if applicable)

10.   Details for forms AOC-4/ AOC-4 XBRL, MGT-7 filed for FY 2017-18

Pre- requisites 1.       the Company has complied with Annual Filing (Form AOC-4 and MGT-7) of the company for the financial year 2017-18

2.       Form DIR-3KYC has been filed with the ROC for all the Directors of the compan

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